Mesa Verde

Dear Hannah.

I know this rant is wasted on you as you could not care less about keys and things. But you always were a good listener… anyway… this…

THIS IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!!! This stupid mess of keys exists because every lock is unique and probably from a different lock maker. The doors lock the hatches lock the storage box locks the bike rack locks to the trailer and to the bike!! The canoe is locked to the rack and the bike rack on top of the truck has two locks!!! Oh I almost forgot… the wheel lock and anti-theft hitch thingy also lock!!!! Thing is… it’s not like any of these locks are really worth a shit!!! Seriously they keep honest people honest.

It actually took planning and thinking to come up with a “key system”. Who the heck has a key system? Enough of that.

So Hannah, today I hiked all of the little hikes the park had to offer. For the most part they’re out and back,relatively mellow walks to be able view to some amazing view. My favorite was Petroglyph point trail.

The first half was along the cliff face. With steep stairs and some scrambly stuff but with out a lot of elevation gain or loss. Fun trail!!

Great views and a few skinny passages. Very cool place to hike and even gets the HR up!

The trail back is up on top of the Mesa and basically follows the top of the rim of the trail you just took. Nice flat and scenic. It winds almost lazily through the pinions then BOOM!! Big giant amazing view!! (Which I really should remember to snap a picture of). This part of the trail was really just this side of a walk, but a nice relief from the leg burner stone steps from the first half. It’s only a few miles but bring water!

I treated myself to the free showers… thanks National Park system! And thanks to the inventor of the shower shoe👍

I was asked by a friend before I left what kind of food I was taking… today I made a chicken wrap… so that kind of stuff is the kind of stuff I brought. Does that answer the question?

Maybe later I’ll do a “food column”. I’ll probably call it “What Stinks in the Cooler Today!” Luckily I haven’t gotten to that stage yet!

Anyway Hannah, time to put some tunes on and start packing up. This is my goal zero. Sounds good enough for the woods

Tomorrow i head for Moab… or telluride… or RMNP…


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  1. I am so glad you are out there having an adventure my friend! I’m
    loving your blog btw. 😉


  2. Jeff, when you finish the trip you will have the photos and script for a book that could be published. I’d like to order my copy now. Best wishes on your journey.

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