9/9 in Bismarck ND

Dear Hannah

Ok so I’ve been a bit lax in my communication lately. If you remember, Utah was kind of a bust and in headed to rifle Colorado. I camped at a MTB trail head and had a nice little ride the next morning before heading out across the big empty… Wyoming!

Rifle at sundown.

OK so I don’t want to ruffle any feather now so let me go on record saying that Wyoming is a really beautiful place. It’s just that they have more than enough wide open space to go around… it’s like after a while they’re just showing off.

All that vast beauty and panoramic stuff is great and all but sometimes my mind wanders. I tried counting antelope but I ran out of numbers when I got to infinity. It finally came down to caffeine and pure determination.

I did find a nice “scenic route” designated on my map (I’m old school with an atlas and an endless supply of bad decisions.). It’s a road with nice little green dots next to it… that means scenic route… right?? Not sure how many miles i saves but I’m pretty sure I added about 2.5 hours to my day. Beautiful… and I got to test both my 4WD and my trailer breaks:-).

I was really glad I overbuilt the trailer. By the way Hannah the trailers official nickname it the “Forestpig Adventurer 1… FPA1 for short.

Anyway, after my shortcut proved more a challenge than a time saver… I hauled butt. I almost stopped for the night in the Spearfish SD area, just wast quite ready. Heading north on HWY 85 towards Bowman, I was kind of in familiar country. I know of a few places to camp in the badlands of western ND and SD. The two I detoured to get to we’re full of bow-hunters, which shouldn’t have taken me by surprise I guess. If I still lived in ND I would likely have been one of them.

It’s getting pretty late by this time and i almost resorted to pulling off in a hay field beside the road and my butt was tired of being in the drivers seat!! Then I remembered Heart Butte dam!! It’s a great area thats was always really under used! I got to the spillway campground at 0030 and was the only one there!

Pretty much just pulled into the first spot, poured myself out to the truck and straight in to the camper. I barely remember closing my eyes but slept until almost 0830 the next am… I needed it.

I rolled into Bismarck later that morning… but that’s for another day. It’s late and i better Throw another log on the fireπŸ˜πŸ‘

Hannah you would love this camping spot!!! Who needs a room with a view when I have a view with a room. πŸ‘

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  1. Hey Jeff!
    I love your blog and beautiful pictures! Keep writing, I look forward to your posts. Travel safely!

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