How I Ended Up In Rifle CO.

Dear Hannah

I started this a few days ago but travel and technology got in the way. I’m actually in Bismarck ND, and I’ll tell that story later… but for now here’s something.

9/7/18  I started with pretty low expectations of my planning and time management efforts as far as this trip goes. I have general areas I’d like to visit, but no set time line per se. Needless to say things would have to stray pretty far away from an already flimsy set of loose guidelines, roughly thrown together as I’m pulling out on the highway trying not to spill coffee on my crotch.

“I’ll head towards Moab…” Ok so I did that, thinking about heading straight to the needles entrance area of canyon lands NP.


See that rain up there?? Yup, I go to the desert and it rains. If this keeps up my plan to MTB and camp might just go out the window.

It kept up. I was kind of bummed but then i thought, “some days you get to fish, some days you cut bait”. Today I’m cutting bait. I did the tourist thing at the park and split. I do feel a bit bad, being exactly what Edward Abbey envisioned when he described the future of National Parks. Oh well.

Today I put miles under the tires. Canyon lands behind me, Moab in the rear view mirror. I live in the southwest… I want to see trees🤪.


More to come… I’m in Bismarck and have a crowd at my camp for breakfast:)