Bismarck and the No-Daks….

Dear Hannah.

So I’m here in your old stomping grounds, heck our old stomping ground. North Dakota! Autumn is coming on, leaves are just starting to change, nights are crisp sky is blue… So many people I’d like to see and so little time.

After a few nights of Boondocking I had decided to stay at General Sibley state park, just south of town along the river. I could fill a few chapters with the shenanigans we pulled here in my youth, but I’ll save that for the book.

My truck officially became a truck this weekend… firewood in the back seat, coolers in the truck bed… it’s all about keeping the wood dry😁. The first night, word got out and a party broke out. I ended up with a small village camped with me! Super fun, but I’ve left out the pics and names to protect the innocent😉. I do have to say that I’m a lucky man to have good friends who have stayed good friends I’ve all these years and all the distance.

This is my view!

I guess one of the benefits of being a wandering vagabond is when folks stop by, they bring food👍. In all fairness, I did post the warning “BYOB, and chair, and eating utensils, cups if you want coffee and music if you don’t like mine, shade and/or sleeping arrangements “. Everyone got the point👍.

Monday (yesterday) some of the boys and I went for a little float on the Missouri River. Thanks Kenny for supplying the kayaks for Stace and Nick!!! Despite Bismarck’s attempts to tame and rip-rap this river, once you’re south of town… absolutely amazing!!! According to “experts” the trip from Sibley to Kimball bottoms should have taken an hour or two. We got on the water at noon, off at 1730… you do the math🤪.

Launching the boats!

Hitting the water. Willow is totally digging this!!

A little leg stretch on a sand bar.

Herding cats…

More pics, just cuz…

Driftwood art, house, thing, out on a really big beautiful sandbar. More miles of white sand beaches than california👍

I wish I had taken more pics… my nephew Kendall and I went back out on the river fishing once I got back to camp!! He’s grown up to be this amazing, outdoorsy, intelligent young man! An engineer! I really enjoyed sitting by the fire BSing till the wee hours. Great fun!!!

Well Hannah, laundry is done here at the Duds and Suds so I best be on my way. I’m most likely heading out tomorrow morning. I’m meeting my old college roommate and great friend Craig in I’m northern Minnesota in a few days for more fun and fishing… but I’m sure we’ll talk before then😉.


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  1. Great story and pics Jeff! Looking forward to your next update. I was back in Bismarck last May. It had been 15 years. Was amazed to see how the town had grown.

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