Turtle river.

Dear Hannah

I hit the road this morning only 45 minutes later than I had loosely penciled in as a departure… who cares🤪.

I headed up to brush lake and took a spin around. The old place looked great, people there so I didn’t stop, and it was nice to see the big fence to the east😉. I have to admit I did feel a bit of homesickness for the old cabin, but that turned out to be gas. Let’s face it… if I was still there I wouldn’t be here and I’m good with that. The journey from there to here has been worth it so far.

Anyway Hannah, it looks like fall today, low fluffy clouds and a northish wind. The farther north I went the more I noticed that the combining crews were hard at it. By the time I got to Mercer there wasn’t much standing grain and the corn and sunflowers looked great! It’s funny how I remember certain things, like the grain, but also notice what’s missing. I have not seen or heard a single pheasant, even along the river bottoms in the canoe… weird! I was hoping to have a pheasant picture to post but nope.

This is home for the night. Turtle River State Park ND. I was here as a little kid and seriously thought I had embellished the memories somehow as I got older…. but this place is really nice! It’s an oasis of forest and creek in the middle of a sea of flat grain farms. If the rain let’s up I’ll explore, or do that in the morning. Either way, I’m really in no hurry, I have a few days to get to Ely. I may stop in and see Paul and Babe.