Ely MN!!

Dear Hannah!

I know it’s been a few days, sorry no excuses!! I’m trying the remember where I left off. I think I was still in Turtle River ND. I really enjoyed the place! A little oasis of trees and woods in the middle of farm country.

So… sorry, was out fishing. It’s about 1500 on 9/17.

But back to the story..:I loaded up at a turtles pace and was in the road to MN someplace. It’s like… Friday and I needed to be in ELY by Sunday so you can see my spacious timelineđź‘Ť.

My first stop was Spring Lake, Lengby MN. This was the place learned to swim, fish, swing from a rope swing and land in the lake (usually) and row a rowboat and stuff. We used to park a little camper, back when there was a little campground. There still a park where the park once was and it’s still a nice little lake, just littler than I remembered. Back then that diving board was 30 feet higher, I’m sure!

I had the find a home for the next few days so I set my sites on an area NE of Bemidgi that had some state land camping and tons of little lakes.

I found Bass Lake ( I’m sure there are many).

Great spot on a nice little lake!! It rained a lot here but the water was flat calm and the fishing was good. There’s a reason I don’t have any fish pics. When your in a canoe with a fishing pole in one hand, landing net in one hand, and a paddle in one hand, the last thing you need to be worrying about is the phone falling in the lake. Mine was in the truck.

I did bring it along for an evening paddle!

Like I think I mentioned, I stayed here for 2 nights. Great spot but a very damp camp. The almost constant drizzle and thick tree cover left everything clammy. Both evenings had real rain showers but the second night it Rained and stormed all night. A “gully washer” as they say! Big winds and almost constant lightning for about 5 hours. Luckily i had everything packed and the vehicles hitched and ready for the morning. At one point a wind came through, sounded like a freight train, and ripped my heavy duty over engineered rain fly system completely out of the ground and threw the poles over the camper. I spent enough time securing everything to be soaked. The rest of the night was kind of sucky!!

Next morning, straight to Ely with only a coffee stop on the way! As a matter of fact, I’m in Ely right now… more on that later… gotta go fishing

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  1. I’m a home grown MN girl! Fun to read your stories of familiar places!!


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