Fishing Shagawa lake

Dear Hannah.

So I got to Ely MN Sunday morning. My old friend and college roommate Craig kind-of last minute planned a fishing trip to “some lake up north where we can catch some fish”. Craig found Shagawa lake and here we are. It’s one of those little family owned places with a few camping spots, some cabins, a boat launch and a little bait shop. Craig had reserved us a campsite but when I pulled in I just wasn’t feeling it… everything was still damp from the big storm the night before and plus, Craig isn’t quite a week out from knee surgery.

“Hello, I’m here for the reserved campsite” said I

“Blah blah here you go enjoy your stay” said he

“Blah blah blah I see you have cabins” said I

Anyway I ended up getting us a cabin and Craig wasn’t arguing at all. We threw the boat in as soon as he got hear and went fishing. Here’s a few pics I’m getting hungry and better eat. You’d like this place Hannah. Cool air and clean water.

First fish. Small pike!

Craig and his boat. It was great he could make it up here!

Fished until sundown

Day 2, company for breakfast, he’s sitting on my foot!!

Yesterday 85 and sunny, today 55 and wet!

First Walleye!! It proved to be tougher to catch fish today than we planned. Not for lack of trying we only got two.

Family of Loons

This deer had been swimming in the lake. I couldn’t get the camera out fast enough.

I’m beat and signing off. Hopefully tomorrow is more fishy👍