Hitting the road again…

Dear Hannah

Well, Craig just headed back to the twin cities. We fished the hell out of this lake, did catch some fish (at least I did but I’m not going to mention Craig not only not catching a single fish but actually snagging an old landing net, nope, not gonna mention it). We treated ourselves to walleye tacos, shore lunch style.

They were DELICIOUS! 3 nice fish = 6 nice fish tacos any day!! Great ending to a great fishing trip!! Great to see Craig again as well!!!

Thought this was cool!! I should video more🤪

So now I’m sitting here in Ely, washing clothes and enjoying the fall evening. It was nice to be able to stand and change clothes, but back to the camper tomorrow. Gonna head to the Lake Superior shoe line and maybe try to catch the ferry to Isle royal NP.

This fishing trip is the last thing I actually “planned”. I need a few good “driving days” again soon so I’ll just watch the weather see how it goes. So much to see and do, so little time!