Well, at least I moved🤪

Dear Hannah.

Well I got up this morning at a decent time and made it on the road by 0800. I figured I’d run up to grande portage National monument then head back south maybe in to Wisconsin. I didn’t take the time to make coffee this morning, which was a mistake. I’m going to discuss coffee later

The drive from Ely to Lake Superior is probably one of my favorite “drives”, and this was the first time on it, just beautiful and in many ways reminds me of Alaska..

For the most part the little dots in the map are just that, maybe a roadhouse and general store to service the locals and tourists in the area. The rest is just wilderness.

Lake Superior looked grumpy but calm. I headed north along the shore to grand portage. My phone had just done some stupid auto update thing and I couldn’t take pics… I was pissed. How dare Apple screw with my phone!! Anyway

Driftwood sculptures for 1/4 mile

The forecast calls for rain starting tomorrow noon and lasting around 24 hours, tomorrow can be a big miles day cuz it’s not rainy now and I wouldn’t mind a camp fire. I pulled in to a little state park on the lake shore for the night (starting around 1400😁). In all actuality I’m only about 3 hours from where I started, but there was some backtracking involved.

Took a hike up the superior trail a bit and almost ran to a town to by a trout stamp. The pics don’t show it but there’s a run of some sort of fish cuz they’re stacked up in the pools. Rather than spend the money and time I just watched them and didn’t share my secrets with a couple fishing about 10 minutes up the trail!😁

Fires burning low and I’m aiming for an early start so I’ll probably turn in soon. Unless it’s pouring buckets I’m making coffee in the morning… I’ve yet to stop for a cup of coffee and had a cup of coffee worth stopping for.