And then I stepped out of the wildernesses…

Dear Hannah!

So what’s up super-pup!? Remember that one🤪. Anyway… so Pete’s lake… When I was in Marquette I stopped in at a local tackle shop and the dude steered me towards Pete’s lake. There are a bunch of little lakes in that area and the fishing is supposed to be ok, added bonus is the MTB trail that connects the lakes.

The campground is a nice forest service campground, big spots and lots of privacy… not to mention there were only 5 people total in the whole place!! Everything was soggy wet so getting the fire going just to dry firewood was a chore.

I took the opportunity to air out the camper and bedding. After a month things were getting a bit “odiferous”.

It’s amazing to watch fall progress a little more each day! The trees seem to turn right before my eyes.

Bottom of the picture, just right of center is my 20 oz coffee cup for scale

I really should take more pics but I found this really cool downed tree the root ball is the size of a room, and is a whole ecosystem in itself!!

It’s like “where’s Waldo!” Find Jeff’s cup!

The sand washing off the roots in the rain are creating a beach!! I hung out here quite a while, and came back the next day… nice spot.

I rode the 10 mile loop but didn’t take my phone so no pics. Great trail, not to difficult for an old fat guy!! It’s pretty nice to ride smooth trails without rocks, but the wet tree roots are another thing. Very fun.

I also caught a few fish so the three days were a complete success… hike bike boat and fish with no rain😁👍.

Tuesday, yesterday, was rainy so I made it a travel day! Hit some tourist spots, hike to some waterfalls and saw Lake Superior with her makeup off.

After Boondocking in the rain last night I’m making my way to Mackinaw city. I was able to get an appointment there for the overdue oil change. Then onward. I’ll catch up with you soon!!