Repairs: an update

Dear Hannah. Ok so this isn’t a picture pertaining to repairs. What do you want, a picture of the tire shop?🤪. I tried to put the spare on the trailer and WTF?!?!! The spare has the wrong bolt pattern? No shit! I’ve never even checked!! Anyway, I now have a spare with the correct rim and a new tire on the Spam Can… so that’s that!

So what’s with the picture? All things I’m glad I have. The coffee pot has been with me on so many trips for so many years, I think it goes back to my time in Alaska?!? When Lewis and Clark stepped out of the wilderness after the, what like 2 1/2 years? The few possessions the party carried the entire way included their cookware. It’s a good pot!

The glove is part of a pair of very heavy fleece lined work gloves, the kind you can pick up a burning log with (seriously just don’t stand there with a burning log in your hand, it will quickly get really hot). Great for just having around camp, great for grabbing hot coffee pots! Oddly, this pair of gloves is probably 25-30 years old. I have another pair just like them but I decided to take the staples out of these and use them. The first pair are still in use, just gave them a break.

The hot pad is a new addition but so handy! Kneel in it when your working on the ground, set the pot on the cooler lid, pick up hot stuff, wipe my hands, sit on when the seat is wet🤪.

So anyway, there’s that. I’m off to explore Bangor ME.


4 thoughts on “Repairs: an update

  1. Sorry for the repair issues-never a good time or any fun.. still looks like a good time tho😀…i have always wanted to go to Bangor!


    1. It’s a pretty cool town, love the area!! I figured there would be some sort of breakdown or something. I got by with just needing a tire and rim for the trailer, not too expensive.


  2. Say “Hi” to Stephen King for me while you’re there. He’s my Fave.


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