Michael’s coming, and he looks mad!!

Dear Hannah.

Hey do you see that big blob of weather currently beating the crap out of the gulf coast? Well that’s where I was headed…. I think I need a new plan.

There are millions of people and their pets being effected by the this storm and many or most of them will need help. I got online this morning and donated some $$$ to two disaster relief NGOs and I hope many many others will do the same. If folks do decide to donate I hope they do some research and find what they feel will be the best organization to receive their gift.

For those who think typing “thoughts and prayers” and posting it on Facebook will help… GROW THE HELL UP!!! Your invisible magic friend isn’t coming to save anyone. I’m sure you’ll feel all self righteous and proud after you hit the “post” button, but your pathetic attempt at action is completely useless!! Like the Pope said, “pray, then act, that’s how it works”.

Anyway Hannah, that’s my morning rant! More later!!