Big Bend National Park… Amazing place


Dear Hannah,

Just because Texarkana and Big Bend are in the same state doesn’t mean they are even remotely close to one another.  Another 12+ hours of driving only put me within striking distance.  Seriously, two full days behind the wheel is exhausting!  As much as I like road trips I could never be a truck driver.  Speaking of truck drivers, I met the next Ex-Mrs Jeff Flemmer… But you’ll have to wait for the book to come out for that story;)

I spent the night in Ft. Stockton TX and was treated to a hell of a thunderstorm! It’s crazy how a little rain (actually a lot) can change the desert.  Flooded roads slowed me down a bit, at least until the water went down, but I was to Big Bend by 0900. The drive was crazy, aside from the flooding.  Dence fog covered the desert in spots which made for some beautiful scenery!

Big Bend is one of our biggest, and least visited national parks.  Because it’s the desert, it’s mainly visited in the winter time so It was practically empty when I got there. Also, BB is also a certified dark sky’s place which makes for some world-class sunsets and star-gazing (that’s why I there).  I pick a spot at the primitive campground down by the Rio Grande River.  Beautiful place, very healthy riparian environment, lots of wildlife, including the little skunk that kept rustling around outside the spam can every night. Cute, and posed with his tail up every time i shined a light at him:)


The first two days were warm, sunny and relaxed.  I hiked a lot of the trails on my side of the park.


The Last two days the weather turned and once again, wind and rain.  About the only thing about the spam can I’m tired of is living in it when it’s raining.  Usually I can hang out under the canopy and cook and what not but when the wind is blowing 45mph, it’s just not an option.  Luckily, the national park service has put bear proof boxes at every campsite… just to put your food… or so they thought!

Luckily for me, they’re big enough to almost fit in when the stove is going and the food is cooking.  And they warm up just fine!   I’m sure the other campers don’t think I’m weird, and that they didn’t mean to stare… and take pictures… but two or three did follow my lead.  One even put up a tarp up and had me feeling a bit of “bear box envy”.

This is the sunset from Soto point… jaw dropping!  I sat here watching the sunset and the stars come out with a ritired couple from Virginia and a dude from New Jersey… I made cocoa:)


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