About Me


Well… I’m a 54 year old rat race drop-out.  It seems that the older I gotten, the more I’ve realized that life should be more than working your ass off just to pay bills and collect stuff.  For the past year I’ve been downsizing, de-cluttering and letting go of possessions which in itself has been an eye opening examination of “want vs need”.  I’ve gone from big, rambling house to small cozy condo.  From rooms full of furniture and a garage full of toys to the bare minimum that keeps me happy.

I’m leaving a great career (possibly the biggest mistake of my life) to go out and wander for a while.  I’ll be living in a 5×8 homemade, teardrop-ish camper, taking just enough along to hike, mountain bike and fish my way around the country.

I call this site “Letters to my dog” because she was the best road-tripping partner a person could want… but more on that later.

Full disclosure:  I’ve pre-paid the rent on my condo and have wonderful neighbors that will be house sitting and taking great care of my cats… So its not like I’ve made the jump to homelessness… yet.